Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Download Dexpot 1.6 Build 2106 RC

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Dexpot Allows you to move from one windows workspace to another within your display with a  promiscuous user interface.

What is Dexpot?

Dexpot is a simple virtual desktop tools which is capable to manage a number of 20 desktop windows. It becomes helpful when working on a professional projects. You may have to remain open a word document, a photo editing tools(like Photoshop), a internet browser and a music player simultaneously. Then browsing through a lots of windows may seems difficult to you. In that case you can use Dexpot to simply make some workspace and then arranging your windows by categories. you could have a workspace section of your word documents, one for editing stuff and another for your music station and synchronize your project in a easy way.

Dexpot is a virtual desktop manager that makes your digital life better.

A video showing how you can use Dexpot 


New features in Dexpot 1.6 build 2106 RC

  • Solved a problem when viewing a window sketch in desktop preview.
  • Dexpot updater pro version detection fixed.  
Full list of changes can be found here.

Annotation: Freeborn of protection for esoteric and non-commercial use only.


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