Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eclipse Juno Download

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Eclipse Juno
The Eclipse foundation is aiming to develop Java developer smarter, more tillable and improved armored to figure floating applications and apps that investing the "Web of Things" with its latest release acknowledged as Juno.

Perhaps the biggest difference with Juno is that it is supported on the eclipse 4.x program, which the fundament has been working on for the couple of years. Eclipse 4.2 in now the mainstream structure for the Eclipse dominion.  The existing eclipse 3.x cypher line is state put into fixing modality.  Eclipse 4.2 includes a sympathy place that allows existing Eclipse plug-ins and Loaded Guest Program (RCP) applications to play on the new program. Essentially, this version changes the way plug-in operation services by implementing a dependency solution poser.

New features on Eclipse Juno:

  • Eclipse Virgo ships the new Nano kernel that provides the ability to build very small OSGi-based applications. 
  • Xtext has added support for integrated debugging of JVM-based DSLs created using Xtext, and tighter integration with the Java Development Tools (JDT).
  • Eclipse Equinox ships the reference implementation of the new OSGi R5 specifications.
  • Mylyn Intent provides tooling for writing useful and synchronized documentation for development artifacts such as code, models, etc.

 Top 10 Eclipse Juno Features

Eclipse Juno require an Java Virtual Machine running on your Computer. Grab it with the installation guide of Eclipse Juno from here.



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