Sunday, September 23, 2012

Miranda 0.10.3 Download

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Miranda 0.10.3

Instant Messaging or IM-ing is one of the easiest ways you can communicate. You are able to chat with anyone in the world, and all you have to do is create a simple account on one of any number of services found on the Web.

Even if most of us do no require support for too many chatting services, multi-protocol clients that offer support for a larger number of services tend to impress. So, among the more popular protocols such as Yahoo, AIM, IRC or MSN, the software also offers you the possibility to connect to networks such as ICQ, Jabber or Gadu-Gadu. The cool thing is that you will be able install add-ons for other protocols such as Facebook or Skype.

Once you are connected to all your accounts, you'll find out that a key feature of Miranda IM is the fact that it can support plug-ins. Basically, you won't be limited to what the program offers you out of the box, and you'll be able to extend the its functionality to fit your needs.

Miranda IM is certainly among the most complex messaging clients available, although sometimes it is too complex; but you should not have trouble getting the hang of it in a short amount of time.

Miranda 0.10.3 features

Other functions that make the program noticed are its ability to import contacts and messages from Mirabilis ICQ and other Miranda IM profiles , transfer files or block various contacts.

The good thing about multi-protocol IM clients is that you only have to use one application in order to stay connected to the web and with your friends. Miranda IM is one of the most complete instant messaging tools available. Even if it isn't perfect and can get you mixed up in the number of available options, Miranda IM certainly deserves a try.

Partially or fully Miranda supports the following protocols:
  • AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)
  • Facebook
  • Gadu-Gadu
  • IAX (Inter-Asterisk Exchange)
  • ICQ
  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
  • Jabber
  • MSN
  • Netsend
  • Tlen
  • Yahoo
  • And more...



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