Friday, November 30, 2012

PDF24 Creator 5.1.0 Download

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PDF24 Creator 5.1.0

PDF24 Creator is an easy-to-use suite of tools for building and manipulating PDF files.

Install the program, and, just like many similar applications, it'll add a virtual printer driver to your system. And then, to create a PDF file from just about anything, you simply open the relevant document, choose the Print option, point your application at the PDF24 printer, and it'll produce the file for you.

If you need more control, then viewing the Printer Preferences will allow you to change settings relating to image and page compression, font embedding, and more.

And the PDF24 Editor then allows you to play around with the file you've just created (or any other PDF file you might have available). So you can split or merge PDFs, for instance, rotate pages, or move them from one file to another. There are options to change the file quality. And the program even allows you to create a self-signed digital certificate in just a few clicks, which you can then use to sign your PDF file.

Build 5.1.0 brings these changes:

Improvement: Optimized the internal preview concerning speed and usability
BugFix: Fixed another TWAIN issue
Improvement: Improved PDF output quality again
Improvement: New language file and updated existing ones



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