Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chrome Remote Desktop 24.0.1312.32 Download

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Chrome Remote Desktop 24.0.1312.32

Giving help to someone can be tricky, particularly when you are trying to help someone with a computer problem when you are not together. Giving advice over the phone can be frustrating and you are reliant on the other person to describe the problem and explain what is going on. One solution to this is to make use of a remote access tool, and that is exactly what Chrome Remote Desktop is.

Unlike most remote access tools, Chrome Remote Desktop is a browser extension. As you might expect, it can only be used with the Chrome web browser, but does allow you to view and control the desktop of another computer as if you were sat in front of it. Security is provided through the use of access codes to prevent unauthorised access.

The beauty of the Chrome Remote Desktop is that it can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux providing the browser and extension are installed on the computers involved, and for beta software this is incredibly stable. It is slightly annoying that there has to be someone sitting in front of each machine in order to renter the necessary code and grant access, but it is still wonderfully useful.

Ti is a shame that there is not the option of accessing your own computer remotely – such as when you are away from home and need to access a file you forgot – but the tight integration with Chrome means that this is a value tool for problem fixing and diagnosis that can be used from almost any computer with an internet connection.





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