Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TweakNow PowerPack 2012 v4.2.5 Download

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TweakNow PowerPack 2012 v4.2.5

Keeping your PC in peak condition normally requires installing a whole library of utilities, learning their individual quirks and hoping that they'll somehow all work together. But there is a simpler alternative. TweakNow PowerPack provides all the PC management and tweaking tools you need through one straightforward interface, so there's no wasted time, no software conflicts - you just get to work immediately with the utility you need.

If hard drive space is short, for instance, then the Disk Usage Explorer will reveal the most bloated folders, helping you to quickly address the problem. Or you could just set the Disk Cleaner to work, finding and deleting any redundant files that are cluttering your hard drive.

If you're more worried about performance then turn to the Startup Manager, which helps you control exactly which programs launch when Windows boots. Your Registry is kept in order with a Cleaner and Defragmenter, while a RAM Optimizer frees up memory when you need it.

Anyone concerned about privacy will appreciate the Track Cleaner, which removes the application history for browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome), Explorer, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office, and more.

You also get a complete Windows tweaking tool, that lets you change everything from Windows memory management strategies, to your network settings, Start menu appearance and more.

And there are still more tools that don't fit easily into other categories, like an auto shutdown module (turn off your PC at a given time) and a virtual desktop (have up to 4 desktops available and switch between them with a system tray icon).

Note that TweakNow PowerPack is now shareware.

PowerPack 4.2.5 adds these new features:

Windows Secret: added option to login directly to classic desktop (Windows 8 only).
General: added Recent Used Modules menu.
General: improved support for Windows 8.
General: minor improvements and bug fixes.



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